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Our suggestions

Our dishes follows the seasonality of the ingredients, because of that the daily offer may change

Menù Surprise

Missultin’s Welcome

Zucchini flowers, ricotta, wild garlic, raw vegetables

Linguine farm Petrilli, black garlic, oil, lobster, fermented chilli pepper

Roast kid "Ronco del Nito"


Chocolate, citrus fruits, hazelnut

CHF 91.-      

La Carta



Marinated Zander, bitter salads, tamarind emulsion

CHF 25.-

Carpione of mackerel

CHF 27.-

Grilled octopus, bull's horn pepper, wild garlic

CHF 27.-

Veal tartare, buffalo ricotta cheese, pioppini mushrooms

CHF 29.-


CHF 27.-


First Courses


Linguine farm Petrilli, black garlic, oil, lobster, fermented chilli pepper

CHF 33.-

Risotto “M5” carnaroli classico, beetroot, pecans, Belperknolle

CHF 27.-

Potatoes gnocchi, wild garlic, morels, sweetbreads, broad beans, roast gravy

CHF 27.-

Ravioli stuffed with Missultin, potatoes and ricotta cheese, yuzu butter

CHF 29.-

Peas cream, its miso, pike perch bottarga

CHF 23.-


Main Courses


Spiny lobster, potatoes cream, asparagus, pollem garum

CHF 53.-

Mullet with its reduction, fermented lemon,   carrot and vanilla 

CHF 43.-

Fillet of lamb, black garlic, aubergines, coffee

CHF 47.-

Spring pudding, crispy vegetables in preserves

CHF 35.-

Grilled rib eye steak, seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes

CHF 55.- p.p

Dulcis in fundo

Apple streusel, vanilla ice cream

CHF 15.-

Coconut "Blanc Manger", caramelized pineapple, yellow curry scented ice cream

CHF 15.-

Rhubarb, macha tea, mascarpone, chocolate

CHF 15.-

Mint catalan cream, strawberry variation

CHF 15.-

Homemade ice cream and sorbets

CHF 4.50

Selection of aged and fresh cheeses from our cart