Our suggestions

Our dishes follow the seasonality of the ingredients and for this reason our proposals in the dining room may differ from those listed here.

Menù Surprise

Missultin’s welcome

Mediterranean perch fish

Linguini with Lake’s Carbonara

Guinea fowl “Farm C. Guerra”, in double cooking, chanterelle, garden’s vegetables

Pre- dessert

Elederflower’s panna cotta,
cherry’s compote, cocoa

CHF 81.-

This menu is for minimum 2 until 21.00 o’clock

La Carta



Our marinated whitefish

CHF 25.-


Lago Maggiore’s raw trout, fermented watermelon, zander’s roe

CHF 25.-

Grilled octopus, tomatoe tartare, zucchini salad

CHF 25.-


Chopped beef tartare, buffalo ricotta cheese, caper leaves, olives crumble

CHF 25.-


“Panelle” millefeulle, mediterranean style eggplant, black garlic. “crusco” pepper

CHF 23.-


First Courses


Linguine with lobster, garlic, chili pepper, fermented lemon

CHF 29.-


Risotto “M5”, “missultin”, celery, raisins

CHF 25.-


Cavatelli with spelt flavour, white rabbit’s ragout

CHF 25.-


Cappellacci with chanterelle, ticino’s cheese, caramelized red onion

CHF 25.-


Open raviolo, chards, yolk, “piora 2018” fondue, Piedmont hazelnuts

CHF 25.-


Main Courses


Reinterpration of catalan loobster

CHF 47.-


Gilded amberjack fish, marrow, roman lettuce, fermented orange

CHF 39.-


Our Lago Maggiore’s fried fish

CHF 41.-


Pigeon: roasted breast, crispy thin, Ticino’s cherries, celeriac, crescione salad

CHF 45.-


Veal loin and its sweetbread, potatoes cream, chanterelle, roasted mais sauce

CHF 43.-

Dulcis in fundo

Creamy chocolate, berries, buttermilk

CHF 15.-


Cherries streusel, pistachio ice cream

CHF 15.-


Gratinéed Settembrine, Almonds, Macha Tee Sorbet

CHF 15.-


Watermelon granita, olive oil, Java 66%

CHF 15.-


Homemade ice cream and sorbets

CHF 4.50


Selection of local aged cheeses

CHF 21.-