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Our suggestions

Our dishes follows the seasonality of the ingredients, because of that the daily offer may change


Tasting Menu


Missultin’s Welcome

Veal sweetbread, pumpkin, Teriyaki sauce

Scallops, Porcini mushrooms, fermented Lemon

Lake Maggiore's trout, horseradish, mustard, spinach


Figs, cold eggnog, meringue



La Carta




Grouper ceviche, fermented peaches, coconut milk

CHF 31.-

Whitefish, eggplant, basil, tomatoes, elderberry capers

CHF 27.-

Beef handcutted, Corno di Toro pepper, bluefish,

cheese "Az.Agr. Centocampi Caviano"

CHF 31.-

Bruschetta with 5 types of tomatoes

CHF 27.-


First Courses


Linguine "farm Petrilli", cuttlefish, their Umami, eggplant, fennel

CHF 35.-

Risotto "M5" carnaroli classico "al salto", butter and sage, perch

CHF 33.-

Cavatelli with turmeric, seafood, grilled Marinda tomatoes

CHF 27.-

Cold romaine lettuce cream, scallops, fermented lemon

CHF 27.-


Main Courses


The two version of octopus, barbeque sauce

CHF 49.-

Pike perch, eggplant Perlina, lemon thyme

CHF 49.-

Lobster, pak choi, japanese knotweed, herbs mayonnaise

CHF 57.- 

Flank steak rosted, Porcini mushrooms, Roveja beans koji

CHF 49-




Dulcis in fundo


Berries streusel, pistachio english cream

CHF 17.-

Prune, chocolate Felchlin " Bolivia 68%", meringues

CHF 17.-

Piña Colada "Flambé"

CHF 23.-

Yogurt, melon, Porto 

CHF 17.-

Home made ice cream and sorbets

CHF 5.-

Selection of aged and fresh cheeses