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Our suggestions

Our dishes follows the seasonality of the ingredients, because of that the daily offer may change


Menù Surprise


Missultin’s Welcome

Small lobster, chickpeas, mediterranean taste

Calamarata, Lake Carbonara

Beef fillet, pollen, onion tops, fermented apricot, Nori seaweed


Fig, rhum, yogurt


La Carta




Whitefish balls, yogurt, fermented orange, vegetables

CHF 27.-

Wild boar, Piedmontese hazelnuts, chanterelles, mayonnaise with hints of wood

CHF 29.-

Grilled octopus, Panzanella

CHF 27.-

Zucchini flowers, ricotta cheese, fermented lemon, raw vegetables

CHF 27.-

Kingfish and watermelon ceviche

CHF 29.-


First Courses


Linguine farm Petrilli, black garlic, oil, lobster, fermented chilli pepper

CHF 35.-

Risotto "M5" carnaroli classico "al salto", veal shank

CHF 29.-

Whole Cavatelli, pesto, pollen garum, goat cheese

CHF 27.-

Ravioli stuffed with Missultin, potatoes and ricotta cheese, yuzu butter

CHF 29.-

Cold suppe of red curry and coconut, raw scallop, katsubushi

CHF 23.-


Main Courses


Spiny lobster, miso of yellow peas, fermented peach, romana lettuce

CHF 55.-

Zander, chanterelles, red onion of Tropea

CHF 43.-

Fillet of lamb, black garlic,  Perlina aubergine, coffee

CHF 47.-

Chickpea, aubergine, shoots from our garden

CHF 35.-

Grilled rib eye steak, seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes

CHF 55.- p.p

Dulcis in fundo


Berries streusel, fior di latte ice cream, meringue

CHF 15.-

Coconut "Blanc Manger", cherries, pistachio ice cream

CHF 15.-

Apricot cheesecake, elder ice cream 

CHF 15.-

Our interpretation of Banana Split

CHF 15.-

Homemade ice cream and sorbets

CHF 4.50

Selection of aged and fresh cheeses