Our suggestions

Our dishes follows the seasonality of the ingredients, because of that the daily offer may change

Menù Surprise

Missultin’s Welcome

Swiss Alpine salmon, fermented esotic fruit

Black cod "Glacier 51", tessin's honey, dandelion, turnip greens

Drowned veal fillet, braised carrots in scent of vanilla


Citrus fruits and chocolate

CHF 97.-

La Carta



Zander's ceviche, lactofermented plums   

CHF 25.-

Missultin, chicory, ticino's grilled polenta, burrata cheese

CHF 25.-

Grilled octopus, Kissabel apple, dandelion, peanuts

CHF 27.-

Duck foie gras, quince, crispy waffle

CHF 25.-

Artichokes, coleslaw, black garlic, fermented cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese

CHF 27.-


First Courses


Pasta with peas, roasted oktopus

CHF 27.-

Risotto “M5” carnaroli classico, sea urchins, black garlic, parsley

CHF 29.-

Buckwheat taglierini 35 yolks, artichokes, bacon, squid garum

CHF 27.-

Cappellacci with tuscan Ribollita, mushrooms essence

CHF 27.-

Turnip greens creme, adriatic see anchovies 

CHF 21.-


Main Courses


Spiny lobster, jerusalem artichocke, porcini mushrooms

CHF 51.-

Red mullet with its reduction, fermented lemon, black truffle, carrot and vanilla 

CHF 43.-

Our Lago Maggiore’s fried fish

CHF 41.-

Crunchy potato, porcini mushrooms, alps cheese fondue, black truffle

CHF 33.-

48h koji marinated hanger steak, turnip greens, potato crisps, chimichurri

CHF 41.-

Dulcis in fundo

Apple, cocoa crumble, gingerbread ice cream

CHF 15.-

Pineapple, dry fruit, Sambirano, little citrus fruits soup

CHF 15.-

Spiced pear, chestnut's crumble and ice cream

CHF 15.-

Piedmon's hazelnut catalan creme, hazelnut ice cream,  small oranges salad

CHF 15.-

Homemade ice cream and sorbets

CHF 4.50

Selection of aged and fresh cheeses from our cart