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Our suggestions

Our dishes follows the seasonality of the ingredients, because of that the daily offer may change


Tasting Menu


Missultin’s Welcome

Oysters, chicory hearts, exotic kombucha

Snail, chickpea, black garlic, parsley 

Scottish salmon mi-quit, cauliflower, turnip greens, caramelized cream, tarragon


Catalana cream with Christmas taste, tangerine sorbet


La Carta




Shrimp, avocado, artichoke, burrata, fermented tomato: our tacos

CHF 27.-

The Missultin of tradition

CHF 27.-

Anchovy, bitter chicory, red onion, crusco pepper

CHF 27.-

Foie gras terrina, pan brioche and tangerine jam

CHF 31.-

Pannacotta pumpkin, poached Bio egg, goat cheese cream, autumn truffle

CHF 27.-


First Courses


Linguine farm Petrilli, lobster, savoy cabbage, potato, autumn truffle

CHF 35.-

Risotto "M5" carnaroli classico, fermented redberry, deer sausage, chestnut chips

CHF 29.-

Ricotta cheese gnocco, rocket salat, pumpkin

CHF 27.-

Cappellacci alla Marinara, black chickpea, fermented lemon

CHF 29.-

Only porcino mushroom: soup, pannacotta, fermented, sautéed

CHF 23.-


Main Courses


Roasted octopus, artichocke, borlotti, warercress

CHF 47.-

Fish of the day, turnip greens, oriental style


Calf kidney, black garlic, parsley, porcini mushrooms, potato mousse

CHF 39.-

Savoy cabbage: ring, mille - feuille, chips, air, Belperknolle

CHF 35.-

Fried fish from Lake Maggiore 

CHF 45.- p.p

Dulcis in fundo


Berries streusel, fior di latte ice cream

CHF 15.-

Apple, Apple, Apple

CHF 15.-

Once upon a time the Mont Blanc

CHF 15.-

Our interpretation of Banana Split

CHF 15.-

Home made ice cream and sorbets

CHF 4.50

Selection of aged and fresh cheeses