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Your personal chef on Ticino’s delivery

When quality and professionalism meet the comfort, it will be a succesfull union, an experience on the taste that makes you dream on open eyes without going out from your house, with the special kitchen of Brilliant chef Alessandro Fumagalli.

A Chef at your home for a special Event

It can be an anniversary, a birthday, a romantic dinner, a Party with your friends or an easy special dinner, with our Delivery Chef, you can enjoy a new food adventure, that can bring you on dream after each taste, all made from the passion and Love.

How works the delivery Chef

Our Chef Alessandro Fumagalli, proposes himself to you and who you love, until 20 people, an amazing food experience, treated on details, here is how works:

Home visit

He comes home to see space and kitchen


Personal Menù

With you, will works to a personal menù from our proposes and your wishes


The show begins

After a mise en place made by our restaurant, our last minute preparations and last decorations will take place to your home, the best from your best restaurant, close to you, remains only to enjoy the evening!


The menù will be produced  jin our kitchen, and than we will bring to your house where we complete, where you will take care of your guests: "cooked and eaten".


Kitchen on site

Except couple basic preparation, because for doing that we need all of our kitchen tools, the food will be prepared to your house, where you can only serve to the guests.


Kitchen and Cleaning

Some people love to take care about their house, to clean and reorder everythings by himself, but someone not, and that’s why we prpose as well a cleaning service and a complete reorder.

Kitchen and Service (catering delivery)

Not only the Chef comes to your home, but, as well a Maitre and a Waiter, based on the number. It will be like a Personal Restaurant service at your house more than only a Chef Delivery, to enjoy the full experience.

All inclusive

A complete menù, Table prepared, Restaurant service and at the end the cleaning, from the beginning to the end, you will feel pampered in everythings, like you are out in Restaurant.

Your dream like you wish it: Mis en place

Temi di non disporre a casa di tutto il necessaire per rendere la serata indimenticabile? Mettiamo a disposizione anche la nostra mis en place, per completare il servizio e creare l’ambiente perfetto, all’altezza delle tue aspettative.

Are you worried about the kitchen tools or something other? We make available our mis en place to complete the service and make the perfect room, up to your expectations.


Our service is 100% personalized about your needs and about the experience that you dream, from the menù until the preparations and performance offered.
Also the costs of Delivery Chef, starts from 150.- pro person, depending from the service choosen.