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Missultin Business Lunch in Vira Gambarogno

A private and elegant location for your business lunch in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Maggiore in Vira Gambarogno, near Locarno.

The Perfect Business Lunch

Invite your guests for an amazing and fast Business Lunch at The Missultin Restaurant, a perfect Place where you can talk about Business between high quality courses.

The Business Lunch formula, at The Missultin Restaurant, is a simple and estabilished solution to Talk, and at the same time, amaze your guests with the high quality dishes from the Chef Alessandro Fumagalli, always on point to choose the perfect and fresh daily ingredients for a Fast, Tasty and Classy.




The menù of Business Lunch at The Missultin Restaurant

You can choose between our "A la Carte menù" or our Business Lunch menù at 31.-, with:

  • Starter / First Course and Main Course

Our Restaurant Staff are ready to explain the daily courses with allergies information.

Book Your Business Lunch

We'll waiting you from Wednesday to Friday, between 12.00 and 14.00 (we kindly remind to say on time allergies or intolerances).

Book with the forum down here or call at +41 91 683 68 05