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Chef Alessandro Fumagalli

In a world, where the kitchen is always an art from the Chefs, and they are considered a Talented Artists, The Passion of the Chef Alessandro Fumagalli shine in every plates that he create, where the tradition and innovation met theirself for give us a high top quality taste.



In the coulinary journey proposed from the Chef, the love for the ingredients and the link with the territory, made possible to be a modern and creative kitchen.

With his plates, from a side you will carried to an unforgettable extrasensorial experience, where the art of kitchen become palate poem, on other side you can feel the nature of the chef.

His kitchen is a trip where he’s the captain where he carry the guest through the taste of his world.

  • Roots and Tradition

    From Lake of Como, Chef Fumagalli live with a strong link to territory, where the essence of it is current in every plates, an iconic plate that give the name of the Restaurant is “Missultin’’, typical from the Lake of Como, childhood memories, that taste about family, love and beautiful past memory, like shad fish, from the salted water, move to different habitat into sweet water, like Chef Fumagalli still evolve and improve his kitchen in every plates.

  • Instinct and passion

    A new Plate, for the Chef Fumagalli can born in 2 ways, lots of study and research about 1 ingredients and testing different ways to work on it, or from his instinct, just from a little taste or an intuition can born an efficient combination. This is the natural process that make possibility to did the famous “Maltagliati alle Erbette’’: the pasta, made with fresh chervil, marjoram, parsley and oregano create with seafood and Fish Garum, a dancing taste of Umami essence, completed with the Turnip.

  • Passion and Skills

    Fumagalli Chef is a accurate man, skilled and meticolous. This face of his character is so obvious into the Kitchen skills, complex skills and preparation that he use. One of the most worked plate is “Lion’s mane and its welcome back on forest’’ the Lion’s Mane Mushroom is rappresented on its habitat, The Forrest, realized with a crumble of Parmesan Cheese, powder of the Mushroom with algae sponge similar to musk. At the end, a mushroom gel that created the mayonnaise like the forrest river.

  • Slow food experience

    On his mission, to carry italian territory in swiss, Fumagalli take an eye for the quality and sustainability. The experience ‘’Slow Food’’ start from the ingredients choose, farmed in the respect of nature. This is why the Chef Fumagalli choose only seasonal ingredients, than using the “Fermentation’’ tecnique for bring on whole year, make it special and modify the taste on the way to be always the best.