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Missultin Slow Lake Cuisine

In the wonderful landscape of Vira Gambarogno,
on the banks of Lago Maggiore,Missultin Slow Lake Cuisine is born:
the new adventure of Chef Alessandro Fumagalli.



Our cuisine

Chef Alessandro Fumagalli's cuisine celebrates the revival of his culture trough the discovery of essentials and raw flavours: the ones that both, local people and tourists love.


The "Missoltini" (or Missultin) are the emblematic charachters of the lake cuisine: these are made with "Agoni", an indigenous fish from the lakes of Lombardy and Ticino.

Once caught and cleaned they are marinated and slowly dried under the summer's sun, then grilled and strictly served with polenta.

The name "Missoltini" comes from "Missolta", an ancient wooden container in which the fish were stored after drying to preserve their flavourings.

This procedure can appear easy and elementary but, like all the traditions, requires patience, respect of raw ingredients, close to the complete knowledge of the technique.

From the lake to the kitchen: the chef turns the memories and ingredients of his childhood into a new style of cooking to share with the world.