Missultin Slow Lake Cuisine

In the wonderful setting of Vira Gambarogno, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, Missultin Slow Lake Cuisine is born: the new adventure of Chef Alessandro Fumagalli.


Our cuisine

Chef Alessandro Fumagalli's cuisine celebrates a return to the origins, a rediscovery of essential, primary flavours. Flavours that the locals know very well and that tourists love to discover. His dishes express a love for an ancient culinary tradition, such as that of the lake, whose roots go back to the Middle Ages, and a care for complex, sometimes ritualistic preparation.

Missoltini (or missultin, or missulten) are a true emblem of lake cuisine. They are made from agoni, a typical fish from the lakes of Lombardy and Ticino. Once caught, the fish is cleaned, marinated and dried in the sun, then grilled and served strictly with polenta.

The name missoltini comes from the missolta, an ancient wooden container in which fish were kept, together with their flavourings, after drying. 

A traditional combination, simple and pure at first glance, but which in reality requires patience and respect for the raw materials and a complete knowledge of preparation techniques.

A precious food resource from the past that recounts a current and refined cuisine and, after a long period of experience and research, goes back to his origins: a boy who grew up by the lake and experiments with the flavours of the land and only after years, becomes a chef and transforms one of his memories into an identity cuisine to be shared with others.

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Ristorante Missultin
Via Cantonale 68
6574 Vira (Gambarogno)